The Propaganda Report

One of the best shows out there

I’ve been listening to Prop report since fall of 2019, and I must admit it’s an excellent show. The research is exceptional, the background knowledge provided is intangible and overall these two hosts are heart warming and amazing people who are cracking through the lies of our world daily. I also dig the extra coverage w Garland and some other guests lately, it’s truly news you wouldn’t get anywhere else bc of the behemoth media companies wanting to constantly control narrative and influence. Everyone should listen to this show and be a critical thinker, I know for a fact the insights brought by Monica and Brad have intellectually broadened my horizons of world knowledge and objective thinking probably the most since I got into James Corbett years ago.


Dan Gerken
Freedom lover

Nov. 21, 2021 by fuming fb patron on Apple Podcasts

The Propaganda Report