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June 1, 2017

EP. 44 - SOURCES - "Trust Us, We're The Mainstream Media"

EP. 44 - SOURCES -

Named Sources Are Like Cassette Tapes, No One Uses Them Anymore

Thursday, June 1st, 2017 - The mainstream media claims that their anonymous sources are credible, and that the anonymous sources of anyone who disagrees with them are not credible. Make sense? Of course not. But that's our new digital reality. 

On this episode of the propaganda report we illustrate unique ways the msm cites no one. We show how they try to justify their evidence free claims. And we talk about the, "Trust Us, We're The Media", reality that they hope to create. 


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Makers of The Modern Mind, by Thomas P.Neill The Underground History of American

Education System, by John Taylor Gatto

Public Opinion, by Walter Lippman 

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Teeing it Up for the Censorship President

Vicente Fox launches the vulgarity psyop

Gerald Seib: Civil Discourse in Decline

Robert Reich: Making America Meaner

Texas Legislators Come to Blows

White House Cracking Down on Press

John Taylor Gatto on Education and other things

Mike Pence is Toast - fake news

San Bernardino - terrible picture - be warned

a little bit more on san bernardino

San Bernardino family lawyer questions official narrative & is never heard from again (I'm not saying he was offed just silenced - google him - see what you can find & let me know if I'm wrong)

Piers Morgan photo fraud

Logical Fallacies

Obama's lawyer admits WH birth certificate a forgery

Sheriff Arpaio on Obama's birth certificate

Charles Kushner - gross

Jared Kushner - conflicted

Kushner Harvard donation

Art of Ambiguity

Covfefe Tweet

Beranton Whisenant Jr, Aaron Nevins #WTWOF?

Looks like news that there could be news too. hahah pic.twitter.com/l31FKsgo8F

— Skoggy Claus (@skoggieclaus) May 31, 2017


Jake Tapper Whining About How He's A Better Judge of Anonymous Sources Than Trump.

Executive Editor of The New York Times, Dean Baquet, Discussion Use of Anonymous Sources.

CNN Host Kate Bolduan SCREAMS at Former Navy SEAL for Questioning 'Anonymous Sources'

Don Lemon Hypocrisy 


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