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Warming hearts

I hope this review warms the Binkster. heart, so he abandons his plan to date, and Mary Stacey Abrams, to fill the emptiness he had inside.

Binkster fan

I’m a big binkster fan but dude you need to show us podcasters more love and respect. I want 5 shows from you a week for at least an hour half per episode. It’s too slim now bruh.

Good analysis Binkley

Break it down Brad! Very talented as a sports commentator. Who knew? You’re long blow by blow of SOTU totally worth the effort,hilarious how Cam was under the table by the end. Your friend Donald is a blast!

Good show but

Monica is a smart lady with a lot to say ..But! She talks over her guests most of the time ..it’s like she needs to always have the first, last and middle word. It gets frustrating to listen sometimes.

Good analysis Binkley

Break it down Brad! Very talented as a sports commentator. Who knew?

You’re a boss!

Love this show. Listen everyday. Let this comment be your motivation, on days when you have none Brad!

The metal when Cam is cohost

As a former barista I have to add my input. I always made at least double in tips than the young hot girls trying to flash cleavage. They asked me why and how so when we had shifts together I would make them sit down and watch. I made great drinks and I interacted with everyone even when my line was six deep. I even made the store owner go sit down on multiple occasions because he was interrupting my flow.


Monica is one of the best. Such an interesting soul.

Grateful to have the Prop Report

I love anything Monica does! She is brilliant and Brad is great too!

Nice genuine people

There are good people in the world, here are two of them.And very entertaining Edit 8-8-22: "How do they look their toilet in the eye?" LOL!


I now give this podcast 5 stars. They cut back on the ads. This podcast is now a great value. I will now consider paying for premium material.

Great Coverage

Monica is spot on. Every host is fantastic.

Good analysis Binkley

Break it down Brad!

Hope is an act of resistance episode

Clearly the best episode of the Propaganda Report I’ve ever heard. Thanks for sharing Brad B.


The Trevor project commercials are hilarious!!

Real Insights from Open Minds

A firehose of usefully insights and information. I’ve been listening since 2019, and I believe I have handled the events(two oh 1?) of the last few years with a more eye-opened understanding of things because of that. Thank you Monica and Brad for endless hours of great content.

Great show with solid info

Great daily show but I wish they would add podcasting 2.0 tags so people can give value for value.

Great program but what about the sponsors?

I’m kind of bummed that CNN+ was a commercial on your program the other day. It just seems weird, right?

Great Podcast

Great information. Love it. Fascist Fauci and all of his fellow conspirators need to be prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity.

Daily listener

Love this show, always great insight and outside the box thinking.

Excellent and Knowledgeable

Thank you for the show, keep it up as long as (T)hey allow you.

One of the best shows out there

I’ve been listening to Prop report since fall of 2019, and I must admit it’s an excellent show. The research is exceptional, the background knowledge provided is intangible and overall these two hosts are heart warming and amazing people who are cracking through the lies of our world daily. I also dig the extra coverage w Garland and some other guests lately, it’s truly news you wouldn’t get anywhere else bc of the behemoth media companies wanting to constantly control narrative and influence. Everyone should listen to this show and be a critical thinker, I know for a fact the insights brought by Monica and Brad have intellectually broadened my horizons of world knowledge and objective thinking probably the most since I got into James Corbett years ago. Cheers, Dan Gerken Freedom lover

Thought provoking

I’m a skeptic and appreciate the conversation between Monica and Brad and the way they look behind the curtain. That said, Monica had a tendency to dominate the conversation and I often find myself annoyed that I didn’t get to hear Brad’s complete thought because she has jumped in. She also “corrects” him in what comes off as intellectually superior (maybe she is but she doesn’t need to act like it). I felt the comments about Rittenhouse in the last episode were obnoxious and rude. She called him DUMB and mocked his tears. At 18, he’s still a kid and in a very difficult situation - have some dignity, Monica.

The propaganda report

I’ve been an avid listener and following Monica and Brad for many years now. I became a fan when they were on WSB in Atlanta on the weekend. They are great folks and in the beginning they were quite thought provoking and entertaining but over the years they have been right on point the vast majority of the time. With all the chaos over the past couple years I’ve come to depend on Monica and Brad as my #1 source of truly unbiased information. They are the real thing and the genuine article. I’m grateful for all they do…

Loving it!

I just got done with you're September 30th episode and I love what you guys are doing! Can I join your show? 😂 fr tho.

Real news

Great show !

Excellent Source For Daily Propaganda

They have been all over this since Event 201!

Great show

Monica and Brad are great never over the top just informing and speek the truth.

Thank you

My husband kept talking about “his conspiracy gal” for a couple of years. I finally listened to some of your shows during the lock up and I have figured out that I am not Dem or Rep! I have not had time in the past (homeschooling mother of 4) to pay attention to the news. Now thanks to both Monica and Brad I am being challenged and really looking into “historical” events and current events!

Love the breakdown of narratives

The keeping of close observation and continuation of headline stories that are pushed in the news is very edifying and informative. This lets us the regular plebs see how the narrative is set up and morphs as time goes on. Monica and Brad do a great job working off of each other as they both use insights to figure out the agenda of the corporate mind programming media and better prepared us with knowledge and insight to combat it. We thank you for what y’all do and hope GOD will allow you to continue revealing the plans of the insidious state.