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The best daily news

Monica and Brad rarely miss the mark on pointing out propaganda for its larger goal. They’ve helped me sharpen my eye to the underlying agenda in most of what we see from the corporate media.

Amazing podcast!

This is where I get all my news! You guys are great!

Legal cases aren’t the answer

Get your state legislature to pass a law. My company is enacting a mandate and in the policy they stated Montana residents are exempt from the policy. I looked it up and Montana law is On May 7, 2021, Montana governor Greg Gianforte signed into law Montana House Bill 702, under which Montana became the first jurisdiction to recognize an individual’s vaccination status as a protected category. The law also prohibits employers from requiring employees to disclose their immunization status and bars employers from requiring employees to receive certain types of vaccines or to possess an immunity passport

Great show, but….

Brad and Monica are great. Great information and great research from Brad. One complaint, and it’s extremely annoying but Monica has a horrible habit of just starting to talk when someone else is talking, as if to say her speech is the most important. It’s most obvious when she is on a guests show, but man….. please let people finish their thought instead of just talking over them.

For your friend with viral pneumonia!

Check out Learn Tire Health podcast on FB and search Covid. Also Doctoryourself.com and check out his videos for Covid and viruses in general. He recommended high dose vitamin c and niacinimide to treat viral infections


Just found this podcast and really enjoying it!! Side note, best intro music!!

Must subscribe listening

Monica and Bradley bring the fire and keep me informed in the crazy world. You must listen to this show!!!

My favorite podcast by far

Monica and Brad are intelligent and unafraid. If all Americans were listeners our country would have a bright future.

Love this show

The best

Good show

Got red-pilled here, but my ears ache from Monica's pitch and giddiness in all things…

Great show

The centers for disease control were the government agency that conducted the Tuskegee experiments.

I make sure to check for new episodes every day

Besides Lions Of Liberty, POTP and Styx Hexenhammer I try to make sure I don’t miss a DNB. Great show!

If you want to be ahead of things

If you want to be ahead of the news instead of constantly playing catch up listen to this show. Well researched and well put together along with entertaining.

So great to have you back, Binkley!

It’s not the same without you!! You guys totally rock! Especially together!!

Always excellent

I love seeing news stories published by the Cathedral then coming over to hear Monica & Brad’s take on it. And they never disappoint me by taking a deeper dive.

Hazel/Perez interview was awesome

Hazel for Governor “The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.” - PH

The Truth

One of few places you’ll get unbiased reporting of events that unfold daily

Great discourse

Love this show! They provide sources for many of the stories they report and their opinions. They are honest about forming their opinions based on Libertarian principles, when they match our constitutional rights and when they don’t. They’re not perfect, no one is, but they are really good at connecting the dots behind the headlines and providing legit explanations.

Great Show!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I love listening to Monica and Brad everyday! Their shows are always intelligent and insightful as well as pleasant and friendly. I highly recommend the Propaganda Report to all! 😻😻❤️❤️🐾🐾🐾🐾

Truthful, concise, and insightful

Current events presented by real journalists without corporate bias


Fantastic! Monica & Brad make an incredible team as they discuss a variety of topics that truly make you think. Absolutely one of my favorite podcasts.


Great podcast and I’m waiting for Monica to tell us how to grow a chicken, if you gravitate towards the truth then this DNB is for you!

The BEST podcast ever!

I am a longtime Monica Perez show listener since the early days in Atlanta. She and Binkley are real people. They do their research, cut through the minutiae, and deliver it to us. It always brightens my day when I get to listen to a new episode. Subscribe to this podcast and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Thanks Brad & Monica!

Been listening over a year now. Really enjoy their analysis of the news and calling out propaganda. They go deep on topics and background info where nothing is off the table. It’s good to hear that there are other skeptical people out there.


Too smart for their own good. Thankful to listen to their combined knowledge


Love the format, banter and insights. Keeping it real yet hopeful. We live in dark times for those paying attention. These guys are all about reporting facts & responding with solutions in a brisk 30 minute format. Keep it coming Monica & Brad!!

Love Propaganda Report!!!

Brinkley should be on Union of the Unwanted! Thanks for your work.


These 2 are a great duo. Excellent perspectives and research!

I'm new to the report

I'm an older guy (65) but have been listining to podcasts since about 2008. I started with Jason Lewis, then on to guys like Jason Stapelton and Tom Woods. Recently discovered The Propraganda Report, and love it! Definitely, now my go to podcast.

Vital Daily information

I listen to this show every day and I learn so much from it. It helps me gain perspective on what’s really happening in daily events we face. I have stopped listening to mainstream media news, and this show gives me a great synopsis on the days news with an excellent perspective. It’s also good because there is no cursing, so I can actually share it with my family.