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I'm new to the report

I'm an older guy (65) but have been listining to podcasts since about 2008. I started with Jason Lewis, then on to guys like Jason Stapelton and Tom Woods. Recently discovered The Propraganda Report, and love it! Definitely, now my go to podcast.

Vital Daily information

I listen to this show every day and I learn so much from it. It helps me gain perspective on what’s really happening in daily events we face. I have stopped listening to mainstream media news, and this show gives me a great synopsis on the days news with an excellent perspective. It’s also good because there is no cursing, so I can actually share it with my family.

The Best Show

If you’re looking to keep up with everything going on, but don’t want all the biased views, this is the show you want to listen to. Monica & Brad are the best at ensuring you keep informed and have a little fun along the way.

One of the best podcasts!

I look forward to listening each evening for an upbeat AND sobering look at our crazy world. The questions you guys ask have helped me to become an even more skeptical consumer of ANY information that comes across in the “news.”

Good Sh*t!

Keep the truth coming! You guys are awesome!

First podcast I listen to daily

I am a podcast addict and the prop report is one of my favorite. The DNB is the first thing I listen to in the morning to stay up on the news and I love hearing Monica and Brad’s take on the events.


Love the perspective on the circus that is our “media”. My mind is reeling about how many correct predictions Brad has!! This is the only thing that makes me feel sane in these insane time! Keep up the good work!!!

The best!

The most thorough and informative source on current news - have been listening to Monica for years. I don’t know how y’all do what you do and stay abreast of EVERYTHING, but your insights are invaluable. Keep it up!


My Monday thru Friday Drivetime Sanity Blast. Brad and Monica take a deep dive into the madness known as news and politics and peel back the propaganda layer by layer.

Best show out there

If you want to stay up to date on the propaganda, and you like a touch of humor, this is the show for you. Always entertaining and informative. You can tell the hosts put a great deal of effort into making the show great for their listeners.

Thank you both!

I read the news and I feel sick to my stomach With the lies, even more sick that questioning it in main stream culture makes you crazy! I listen to you both every day and I feel so much less alone! You help restore faith in humanity for me. I want to raise my children to question every thing, and what better way to teach then through action? Thank you for your work in this world?! I’m inspired and filled with Curiosity every day!!

Must listen daily

Great show, see behind the headlines into overarching narratives in the media.

Thank you

Best way to star my day 🕺🏼

Refreshing perspective

Fantastic hosts and content. Tune in for refreshing perspectives and an alternative to the mainstream narrative.

Best Podcast ever

Thank you Monica and Brad for being the voice of reason, logic and truth amidst the caterwauling of the politicians, elite and main stream media.

5 MF stars

Best place to get your news. They tell you what’s going on in the world and help get you out of the weeds of mindless propaganda.

Always good information.

The Propaganda Report is an essential part of my search for truth in a world of lies. Thank y’all.


Great info

Love the show

Crazy they took you guys off the “quick look up” had to type the name all the way in and hit search before I could find you next to the “conspiracy” podcast lol, big techs a sick joke.

Imbibe Daily

A day without the Prop Report is like a day without a cocktail.

Best Daily news podcast

My favorite daily news podcast! The extra 15 minutes on Patreon is well worth it.


4.5 out of 5 stars is just embarrassing to all of us really. It’s the best podcast ever.


I’d leave a review, but the government is reading this. I’ll just say this is a podcast well worth listening to.

Very entertaining

Fun drinking game: take a shot every time Monica mentions that her son has Down syndrome. You’ll die of alcohol poisoning within 20 minutes.

Five Stars...

Six if it was an Option. I await new episodes of this pod regularly.


Entertaining and informative, there are more than 2 ways to look at everything. Keep it up!

Eye opening

The prop report is truly excellent. I started listening this year just before the pandemic hit America. It’s unreal the level to which these two can see through the lines of media absurdity. Keep up the good work!

The rest of the story

A handful of globalists control the so-called “news.” Brad and Monica strive to call them all out, both Left and Right.

Breath of fresh air!

Brad and Monica’s take on the daily news is such a unique and necessary addition to my day. Im very grateful for the time and effort they put into their analysis. Never miss an episode!!

Became a patron right away

Monica and Brad do a phenomenal work and production covering conspiracy theories. I’m a daily listener.