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Love the different point of view

This may not be a typical podcast for me to listen to but I am really enjoying it. I might not always agree with their ideas or point of view but it makes me think and ask more questions about my own views. Keep up the good work!


My favorite podcast of time. I love how you both connect with your listeners and put together events so we can all unite! Thank you!

Excellent research and unbiased opinion!

They kill it every day keeping up on current events and bringing their own original intelligent perspectives.

Longtime Fan

My Mom introduced me to The Propaganda Report when they were on the radio. I was often surprised they were allowed to have a show considering the content(you know the media doesn’t like the truth). Alas, they got the boot! Guess they hit a nerve after exposing the COVID scamdemic! Now I follow the podcast. Always informative and enjoyable to listen to. Love Monica & Brad!

Monica & Brad are great at what they do!

I love this show, they both do a great job and keep it fun and informative.

Great Daily Truth

Great podcast that’s quick and truthful. One of my favorites!

Great Daily Deconstruction of the Propaganda Machine

Listening to NPR on my way to work started to make me nauseous, especially since COVID hit. Finding The Propaganda Report was the perfect antidote. With the barrage of propaganda that's been fired since 2020 hit, it's becoming increasingly important to be able to sift through the madness in a constructive, critical way. Both Monica and Brad offer a refreshing dose of sanity in today's excruciatingly crazed world. It has replaced that NPR morning sickness with an enthusiasm for finding truth and healthy skepticism. Thanks guys!

Great insight

Just started listening. Their insight seemed really on point so I tested it by going back a few months and seeing how well they’ve predicted the currents climate. Pretty impressive. Smart. Well spoken. AND THEY DONT TAKE SIDES!

My favorite podcast

I listen to a lot of podcast and this is easily my favorite.

Exciting and astute

It’s so good I can’t imagine for the life of me how people listen to the show without getting the patron 15 (20) too!

Preach Girl Preach!

Soooooo good to hear a woman holding it down amongst all deez boys...Monica for VP...wait, scratch dat...MONICA FOR PRESIDENT!! Yessssssss!!

Still rubbing sand out of my eyes

I had my head in the sand for 33 years. I just pulled it out and I’m still getting my bearings. But this is the most truthful outlet I’ve found so far. Keep up the good work guys.

Great pod - Monica and Brad hustle

These two do the legwork. They’re always well prepared to discuss the day’s news from the perspective of a sane person.

Excellent show!

Monica and Brad are great! Keep up the good fight. Sharing the heck out of you on my end

Monica is great

And the fact that I keep getting unsubscribed involuntarily from it makes me think they are on to something. Keep it up

Great research

I like the truth in the news. I wish other legacy media would do the same as prop report

Great Show!

Love, love this podcast! Monica and Binkley are a great pair, but like other reviewers I have to say, having a female host in an alternative news show is so refreshing! Thanks for bringing in your perspective and sharing with us all. I was hooked after the first episode! 👍


As a woman, it’s refreshing to hear this from a woman for once!!!!! I love the perspective. Also the 30ish minutes is great timing too. New favorite podcast! Thank you!

The best, unbiased reporting you won’t get elsewhere!

Monica Perez and Brad Binkely offer a refreshing, healthy dose of no-BS news and discussion on what matters most to Americans. You won’t find mindless banter and fakery here. No endless sales pitches or self-bias motivation. A truly remarkable perspective on today’s events! Thanks for doing this, there are not enough people who are awake and brave enough to get the real news out there.

Great podcast!

So glad I found this podcast. This podcast is great for people who don’t buy into the lies or the mainstream media and know there is more to the story. I think you are both spot on with this current “crisis”. Look forward to supporting you and getting the extra content. Keep up the good work!

Easiest way to get real news

Thanks Monica and Binkley for all the research you put in to bring us the real news. Some people are blessed with good instincts and a way to read other peoples motives and you two definitely are. You see the patterns in news stories and what the real messages are. Can’t wait to subscribe to your new extra content and support you guys. Keep up the great work.

I knew it

I have had the feeling all along. Thank you for your honesty and intelligence. False flag CVnineteen.


I found you guys listening to tinfoil hat with Sam. Ever since I’m hooked. I get my news from you. It became a routine for me and my wife to listen to the show.


This is a must have for libertarians and free-thinkers!

Great show!

Monica and Brad have great takes that most news outlets miss or just ignore. They aren’t afraid to tell the truth.

Mance Rayder

Howdy, love the show. I first heard Monica on either free man beyond the wall, or lions of Liberty. Love hearing more from Monica, and so happy I found your show.

Best news podcast

I’m a truck driver who listens to different things all day long. I immediately stop listening to whatever I’m listening to and switch over to this podcast as soon as it is uploaded. F all the lizard people and f that fat balding slob stelter.

It only takes one

An episode of Monica and Brad is all you need to become a Prop Report fiend. I haven't missed an episode in months and I enjoy listening to their perspectives.

Pretty good. Not great

I really like the balanced perspective. Monica doesn’t just spoon-feed the conservative perspective and expect everyone to swallow it. I like when she pushes back. My primary reason for 4-stars, not 5, is Monica’s over the top delivery of context. You have great perspective. Make your point. Stop qualifying everything so much. Your points are often lost in the myriad of context. I like Brad’s input and perspective. Keeps it fun. Would appreciate more dialog. Less Ed McMahon (millennials can Google that reference). All in all, solid. Thanks!

Tin Foil Hair clip

Fantastic Show! Monica and Brad do a fantastic job keeping America informed, and Epstein didn’t kill himself.