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Keep the drive time prop coming!

Absolutely love the show! Keep that drive time prop coming!!!! And the deep dives are awesome too

Drive time prop is proper

Get your daily news from an objective perspective! I love the new addition of drive time prop! Keep it going!!!

Afternoon Prop Rocks!

Fantastic addition to the growing body of work by Monica Perez and Brad Binkley! Refreshing and ESSENTIAL for listeners who are no longer willing to listen to the prepackaged drivel the msm throws out at us. Thank you!


Found y’all on tin foil hat with Sam. This one of the best podcast ever

Excellent Propaganda Deconstruction!

This show provides phenomenal perspectives on news, & politics. It makes most corporate news, & Conservative/Liberal podcasts seem like just silly partisan distractions.

One of the best perspectives on news

Monica and Brad offer a critical analysis on events that goes beyond the surface. They aren’t afraid to exam how stories can be used to manipulate public opinion. And they aren’t afraid to call out “either” political party for their shenanigans. This isn’t some yelling ranting Alex Jones propaganda podcast. This is the real deal. Just as life is not black and white, neither are some news pieces. Expand your mind beyond right and left paradigm.

One of a kind podcast!

The most unique current events podcast out there that discusses politics and current events.

One of the Best for intelligent discussion

I really respect and like Binkleys input for doing his research on current issues and Monica’s experience and knowledge of law and the constitution. We are in a full out war against conservatism and traditional family roles and values. I personally worked at a sexual violence counseling center and have been involved with higher education for the past five years. There is a constant barrage on boys and men being labeled as sexual harassers and potential perpetrators and or predators. There is an agenda to not only emasculate boys and men through feminist propaganda, but to also criminally label people as lifetime sex offenders for minor crimes such as a 19 year old having relations with a 15 year old. Being put on a national registry for over 25 years, putting their lives at risk due to the fear and propaganda of the way politicians use it as an example to be “tough on crime”. I’m against the transgender movement as it aims to separate the nuclear family.

Love this

Great need to listen

Absolutely the best podcast on this subject there is...

They don’t tell you WHAT to think, they help you learn HOW to think, and how to identify the propaganda we’re being bombarded with on a daily basis. If people truly want to educate themselves about the pervasiveness of our own government’s propaganda, as well as other governments and organizations, then they’ll love this show. And for those who might think “propaganda” is a term only used by “crazy conspiracy theorists”, remember that Einstein said “condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance”. These two do a phenomenal job of identifying and explaining propaganda and how it works, and I recommend this podcast to everyone I talk to.

Eye-Opening Exploration of the Rabbit Hole

An insightful exploration of the rabbit hole that reveals dirty propaganda tricks, exposes the truth behind the mainstream narrative, and makes it easy to understand the big picture agenda. Monica and Binkley pulled me out of the cave.

Great Thought Provoking Show

I have heard the show casually on the weekends over the last few months on WSB and have now found the podcasts. I love hearing opinions that attempt to look a step deeper into what is disseminated by the mass media of either side of the political spectrum rather than just tuning in to hear what agenda based packaged talking points the hosts of either side think I want to hear. Great show guys.. I'm always checking in for more content! Keep it coming!


With your radio show schedule being somewhat unpredicable and it's only on one day a week these podcast make it easy to get my Monica Perez Show fix. Thanks for doing these.

What I've been waiting for...!!!

Monica and Brad seem to make a perfect team. And their work on propaganda comes at a perfect time! This is a rabit hole I've been eager to better understand for quite some time and I'm so happy these two are tackling it... I'm a much better libertarian because Monica Perez has walked me through some complicated topics and unravelled so many twisted up current events. I hope her work (and Brad's) finds many more listeners!

Killing it!

Monica and Brad are killing it! I'll never view the news the same!

Great and necessary

Great podcast, and relevant with all the media propaganda today. They help you recognize it and understand it. Keep up the good work.