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Essential daily listening!

Real, incisive analysis with compassion, humor and honesty… a relieving breath of fresh air in our current environment. My favorite bit of daily listening. Many thanks to Monica and Brad for your efforts.

Gold Standard

Monica and Brad bring the heat when dissecting the daily news. This show is the gold standard in reviewing the daily propaganda being dispensed to the public

Monica is the best!

The Propaganda report is well titled - it shows you each day how the mass media is a propaganda machine.

Prop report

Great breakdown of daily news. Look forward to the show daily. Also enjoy the interviews.

The best

Always provide documentation to back up their arguments. This is what reporting should be.


This is my daily news podcast. It is informative and enlightening.

Bringing light to such dark news

I am an everyday listener. I usually listen while I cook dinner for my wife. Monica and Brad always illuminate the day’s happenings in a positive light, even when times can seem so tough. Knowledge is power!

Much appreciated

I appreciate new viewpoints and can highly recommend listening to this podcast to hear a different narrative of mainstream events

Love Your Pod!!!

You are my go to place for news. We love you in Northeast GA, where absolutely NO ONE voted for Biden(and I didn’t vote at all)!! Keep it up!!!

Love the free 30

I really love the free 30 but it’s just not enough! If at all possible, can you extend it to 45 minutes to dive deeper into the stories? Love you guys! Jim T

One of my favorites

Monica and Brad are lovable, intelligent, thoughtful and amazingly dedicated podcasters. For me, the style is perfect-dense with information and ideas, heavy topics dealt with seriously but with humor and a light heart. This is one of my few never miss podcasts

Fresh Air

factual talking points, so informative... I appreciate what you’re doing, guys! Gotta have my daily DNB every afternoon!

Unique take on things

I listen to a LOT of podcasts. I’m a truck driver and spend a good twelve to fourteen hours a day listening to shows at work and home. Your show has some info each day that I don’t hear anywhere else. And your views are similar to mine on a few controversial views. I think the last President was in on this, I ran across Operation Trust in my own research about four months ago and it led me down a rabbit hole that brought your show into view. Thank you!

They are the best!

I crave my daily prop report! I get happy just hearing the theme song, lol. It’s like getting getting together with friends and they have a different perspective from most everyone else. Really eye opening! I love them!

A much needed daily dose of sanity in a world gone crazy

This is the ONE show I listen to EVERY day. The hosts are great and the 30-minute (45-minutes for subscribers!) is something I can easily squeeze in to my busy schedule.


Always bringing the news of the day from a logical and balanced perspective day after day! Love you guys keep up the good work. - Joe from Legit Bat

Long time listener

Monica and Brad dive into the news of the day and explain the agenda behind the story. Monica is very insightful in her analysis, and often uncovers the connection between our modern day events. Brad Binkley is well educated in propaganda techniques, and he can spot the methods used by our power elite. As a long time listener, I can say they have been very enjoyable to listen to, but there analysis has proven correct most of the time. Which means I have been able to prepare mentally, emotionally, and economically for what’s around the corner.

Love this podcast

Patron of the show and well worth it….great insight on what’s behind the headlines!

Prop Report Rules

Hands down the best podcast out there. Monica and Brad are my go to source for the daily news. Concise, informed, and trustworthy.

Never miss an episode!

I really love this podcast. I listened to The Monica Perez Show on WSB and picked right up with the podcast. Monica and Brad make a solid balanced team and deliver such compelling content.

No nonsense news

I mean, at this point, you two are part of our family! We listen every day. You haven’t been wrong yet. Thank you for all you do for our community on the air and off. We lobe you.

Great value!

Thorough coverage of current events and excellent analysis!

The best

If I could listen to only one podcast this would be it. Sharp, witty, brilliant!

My go to podcast for great information

This podcast provides great information and sources for self education. Pretty much one stop shopping for every Ancap. Great news breakdown and love both Brad and Monica, along with the stand in Cam from The Mad ones podcast. Great dynamic and even though the news isn’t always great they manage to get lots of smiles and laughs in along the way!

The best.

Seriously. Awesome show. Awesome people.

Highly recommended

Monica and Brad do a great job at breaking down news stories and showing alternative points of view. They’re a great team!


Any alternative to the all pervasive state/corporate sponsored propaganda that calls itself mainstream “news” should be encouraged, supported and listened to by anyone who values free speech. This podcast is one of those alternatives. My only problem with it is that Monica’s stammering and difficulty in finishing a thought, sentence and sometimes, point makes it sometimes frustrating to listen to. Content: A+ Presentation: B (needs a little work).

Love the show!

You guys get straight to the point!!!

Start a true crime pod!!!

Was so excited to hear you mention the Murdaugh case and Gabby!

Everyone should be listening

Potential unpopular opinion: I love it when Monica accidentally drops f bombs. Seriously though, great show. I listen every day.