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Oct. 13, 2017

Ep. 72 - Las Vegas Shooting - The Answer Lies Within Jesus Campos (Dead Men Tell No Tales)

Ep. 72 - Las Vegas Shooting - The Answer Lies Within Jesus Campos (Dead Men Tell No Tales)

Dead Men Tell No Tales

The Las Vegas shooting timeline completely changes again with the confusion centered around mysterious "security guard", Jesus Campos. Truth porn sweeps the nation keeping Americans blind to the big picture. The 3 Pillars of Power. The psychological chutes which create our reality. The Why Question vs the How Question. Trump's tax push. And the real purpose behind the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault revelations. This and much more on the 72nd episode of the Propaganda Report Podcast.

* We're getting acclimated to new equipment. As a result we experienced a few technical audio glitches. They're brief and minor. Our apologies. 

Truth Porn

Vegas Shooting Narrative Folds - What Made Killer Stop?

Ep. 71 of the Propaganda Report Podcast - Las Vegas Shooting – There’s Something Strange Going On 

Sheriff Joe Lombardo Tells Reporters The Timeline Has Changed

Police Officer Tells 60-Minutes That There Was A Note Found

The Day After The Above 60-Minutes Interview, Sheriff Joe Lombardo Tells Reporters No Note Was Found, But A "Document" Was Found. 

Image Showing Portions of Sheriff Lombardo's 60-Minute Interview Have Been Removed. 

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