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March 17, 2022

Poisoning The Well Of Lies w/Truth & How The Ukraine War Folds Into The Great Reset Part 2 (DNB)

Poisoning The Well Of Lies w/Truth & How The Ukraine War Folds Into The Great Reset Part 2 (DNB)

Poisoning The Well Of Lies w/Truth & How The Ukraine War Folds Into The Great Reset Part 2 (DNB)

Notes & Links from Today’s Show

Arnold Schwarzenegger Invokes Nazi Father in Emotional Russia Message – The Hollywood Reporter


The phone that Zelenkski uses to avoid being found by Russia | Marca


What has Anonymous done to Russia? Here are the results (cnbc.com)


American private schools now need to weigh the consequences of accepting the kids of Russian billionaires, experts say (yahoo.com)


Western cloud storage providers creating a digital crisis in Russia - Dot Esports


Marijuana Sales Drop Drastically as U.S. Eases Back Pandemic Rules (newsweek.com)


Chris Cuomo Hits CNN With $125M Arbitration Demand – Deadline


the great reset:




Another perfect storm: 



russia business era ends:


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