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Jan. 27, 2022

Proof of Immigration Root Causes, Course Syllabus Triggers Woke Students & "Game Changing" New Way To Catch Criminals (DNB)

Proof of Immigration Root Causes, Course Syllabus Triggers Woke Students &

Proof of Immigration Root Causes, Course Syllabus Triggers Woke Students & "Game Changing" New Way To Catch Criminals

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Notes & Links from Today’s Show




Starbucks reversal on vaccine mandate sparks backlash (yahoo.com)

Georgia Tech syllabus under fire for controversial 'scamdemic' comments | News | cbs46.com

Atlanta police chief says new way to catch criminals is “game-changer” – WSB-TV Channel 2 - Atlanta (wsbtv.com)

New condom performs so well, some men say it feels better than not wearing one - Study Finds


Nord Stream 2 "will not move forward" if Russia invades Ukraine — U.S. - Axios

Germany's offer to send 5,000 helmets to Ukraine provokes outrage (cnbc.com)

Thousands march in Washington against Covid vaccine mandates (msn.com)

Insurrection by other means: The far right is using anti-vaxx sentiment to radicalize Republicans (msn.com)

Proud Boys return to D.C. — this time for massive anti-vaccine rally (msn.com)

Frogs Regrow Missing Limbs in Lab Study, Advancing Key Effort of Regenerative Medicine - WSJ





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