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April 7, 2022

Wartime Gullibility, The Atrocity Propaganda Playbook & The "Mystery" of Ukraine's "Lady Death" (DNB)

Wartime Gullibility, The Atrocity Propaganda Playbook & The

Wartime Gullibility, The Atrocity Propaganda Playbook & The "Mystery" of Ukraine's "Lady Death" (DNB)

Notes & Links from Today’s Show

Narrative Warfare Part 1: The Use of Narrative In Psychological Warfare | Rokfin

Narrative Warfare Part 2: The Use of Narrative In Psychological Warfare | Rokfin


Part 3 of Narrative Warfare: The Use of Narrative In Psychological Warfare | Rokfin


Introduction to Narrative Warfare: A Primer and Study Guide: Maan, Dr. Ajit K, Cobaugh, Paul L: 9781721221417: Amazon.com: Books


Dangerous Narratives: Warfare, Strategy, Statecraft: Maan Ph.D., Ajit K, Clark Ph.D., Howard Gambrill, Steed Ph.D., Brian L., Drohan Ph.D., Thomas, Cobaugh, Paul, Nesic Ph.D., Aleksandra, Holshek, Christopher, Straub Ph.D., Frank G., Ronfeldt Ph.D., David, Arquilla Ph.D., John: 9780578812816: Amazon.com: Books

Narrative Warfare: Maan Ph.D., Ajit: 9781986694957: Amazon.com: Books

Biden says 'major war crimes' being discovered in Ukraine after he announces new sanctions on Russia | CNN Politics


Pentagon can't independently confirm atrocities in Ukraine's Bucha, official says | Reuters


London's National Gallery Renames Degas’s "Russian Dancers" as "Ukrainian Dancers" (hyperallergic.com)


Kremlin explains why it may 'close window' with West — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union


Mystery of Ukraine's 'Lady Death' sniper who became national hero battling Putin's troops - but keeps identity secret (the-sun.com)


Ukraine crisis: China wants to avoid U.S. sanctions over Russia's war (cnbc.com)


Dead rapper's body propped up in club for 'disrespectful' viewing (nypost.com)


Author of ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ now on trial for husband’s murder - National | Globalnews.ca


News, sport, celebrities and gossip | The US Sun (the-sun.com)


What Jada Pinkett's Lover August Alsina Reveals About Fling in New Song (newsweek.com)

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